An Open Letter to Josh Boone:

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Need an Invite to the June 2nd NYC TFIOS Premiere


10. Where else better to rock the TFIOS book purse I bought from Etsy?


9. I am a TFIOS ambassador as I have bought copies for people and have recommended it to strangers in bookstores as a must-read. Also, I advocated for it being used as a high school wide book discussion book the year it was published. I spread the gospel of John Green like it’s my job.


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8. I own 9 different versions of the book: 1. My pre-ordered copy signed by John Green, 2. The hardcover I got signed in person at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C., 3. The silver-covered special edition, 4. The English paperback version I bought in Amsterdam, 5. John Green’s audio, 6. Kate Rudd’s audio, 7. Kindle version, 8. Signed Target-edition with bonus DVD, and 9. The paperback movie-tie in . . . Because really you can never have enough copies.

all 9 versions of TFIOS

all 9 versions of TFIOS


7. I donated many inches of my hair to Children With Hair Loss. I was inspired to do so after reading Shailene Woodley’s Tumblr post.


6. I collaborated with the awesome salon my cousin works at (Northern Lights) so other people could donate their hair too. In addition, we were also able to make a cash contribution.

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5. TFIOS compelled me to travel to Indianapolis. I loved TFIOS so much that I planned a trip to Indy with my best friend from high school, Emily. And it was the BEST TRIP EVER (literally). I loved Indy so much that I even looked at teaching jobs out there. I am convinced it is America’s best-kept secret. I can’t wait to go back. More pictures can be found on my original blog.

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4. I read TFIOS on location in Indianapolis. We posted these on YouTube (something I would never normally do).



3. My TFIOS travels were not limited to domestic borders. I also went to Amsterdam with Emily. We even stayed at the Hotel de Filosoof. I have seen online that some people have gone to Indianapolis and others have visited Amsterdam, but I know of no other fault fanatics that have crossed the Atlantic and back to see both. More information is available on my original blog.

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2. I read TFIOS on location in Amsterdam (even though I was super cranky). I wonder what people thought we were doing.



1. I had the opportunity to attend, but unfortunately had to miss, the May 3rd fan screening in NYC. I saw that Vulture was running a contest on Twitter so we started tweeting our pics from the pilgrimage. Emily got selected and I was crushed, because I found out that the screening was on a day when I would be chaperoning the senior class trip to Orlando for Grad Bash. Had it been any other commitment I would have found a way out of it. This was a devastating blow. It was actually physically painful. Instead of the screening and Q&A session with you, John, and the cast, I was in Florida with 46 teenagers whom I love dearly. [Insert shout out to the Class of 2014 aka the best class ever in the history of graduating high school seniors] The trip was beyond amazing, but missing the screening still haunts me. But it is true “the world is not a wish granting factory.”

In conclusion, I hope you will see that this is clearly a wrong in the universe that needs to be righted. I feel my devotion to TFIOS is evident for the aforementioned reasons and hope that you believe the same. Inviting me to the premiere would make my life. Okay???


All good things,

Nicole Warchol


P.S. This year I also went to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Magritte exhibit. My main motivation for catching this exhibit was to see The Treachery of Images as referenced in TFIOS. I didn’t expect to love the rest of the exhibit as much as I did. I also went to the Whitney to see their Robert Indiana retrospective, also motivated by our trip to Indianapolis. Look how TFIOS got me cultured and stuff 😉



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